Contact Us:

Chelsea Town Office

560 Togus Rd

Chelsea, ME 04330

Phone: (207) 582-4802

Fax: (207) 588-0025

Get a Citizen Complaint/Request Form by clicking here.

The form can be printed and returned or call the Town Office. The complaint must be accompanied by your name.

Board of Selectmen / Assessors / Overseers of the Poor

Benjamin Smith  – June 30, 2020

Tel: 207-415-7774


Deb Sanderson, Chair – June 30, 2021

Tel: 207-3767515


Michael Pushard, Vice Chair – June 30, 2019

Tel: 207-441-0002


Scott Tilton, Town Manager


Sheila L McCarty, Town Clerk


Joyce Tillson, Deputy Clerk


Jarrod Pinkham, Code Enforcement Officer

Tel: 207-380-7042   Email:

Gretchen Patrick, Animal Control Officer

 Tel: (207) 458-8361    Email:

Citizens or residents with an animal related complaint or concern can click on the link  below, print the form, complete the form and either send by regular mail, scan and email or drop the form off at the Town Office. Citizens may also call and ask to have a form completed. The person completing the form must provide their name.

Animal Control Complaint Form